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Navisworks essentials_BIM Design Hub

We are currently working to upgrade our Autodesk courses. Please provide your details and will inform you as soon they become available!


The Navisworks Essentials course introduces you to BIM coordination, including 4D schedule planning, clash detection and quantities extraction. The course demonstrates how we can extract, analyse and review project information and share results on BIM 360. At the end of the course, participants will be able to create 4D simulations, extract quantification workbooks and do clash detection analysis, while coordinating all BIM Revit models.

  • Learn to integrate all kinds of files in Navisworks

  • Extract and analyse project information

  • Review project asset information 

  • Create specific visibility points of views

  • Create annotation on elements

  • Do clash detection and report analysis

  • Share results on BIM 360

  • Develop 4D simulations

  • Animate objects on simulations

  • Create quantity take-offs


This course is suitable for students, engineers and architects who wish to upgrade their BIM skills and use Navisworks in their projects.  No previous CAD experience is necessary. However, architectural design, drafting or engineering experience is highly recommended. 


BIM Design Hub is an Autodesk authorized Training Center (ATC), and our Revit training courses are accredited by Autodesk. All participants successfully completing any of our Autodesk Revit courses will receive an industry recognized Certificate of Completion from Autodesk.

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