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The Revit Architecture Essentials course offers an engaging learning experience through a comprehensive collection of videos, step-by-step practice, and tips and tricks providing students with a dynamic and engaging way to grasp the complexity of the BIM software. The videos serve as step-by-step guides, allowing learners to follow along and practice hands-on exercises, ensuring a deeper understanding of Revit's functionalities. The course goes beyond theory, incorporating practical tips and tricks that industry professionals utilize to maximize efficiency and productivity. By combining video tutorials, practical exercises, and expert insights, this course equips students with the necessary skills to confidently navigate and leverage Revit for their architectural projects.


  • Understand the fundamentals of BIM (Building Information Modeling).

  • Acquire a comprehensive knowledge of the Revit software, including its interface, tools, visibility and workflows, to create and manipulate 3D models efficiently.

  • Develop proficiency in creating and managing various architectural elements such as walls, doors, windows, stairs, ramps, roofs, and floors using Revit's powerful modelling capabilities.

  • Gain expertise in creating detailed construction documentation, including drawings, sheets, and annotations, ensuring an accurate representation of the building design.

  • Explore advanced techniques in Revit, such as materials, construction details, rooms, areas and family creation to enhance project productivity.


Introduction to BIM

Lesson  1

Introduction to BIM and digital construction

BIM impact on construction

BIM definitions

Introduction to ISO 19650 BIM standards

Revit Environment

Lesson 2

Revit key concepts

Interface and templates

Setting Project Information

Navigate and select objects

Levels and Grids

Snaps and Constraints

Practice Exercises and Tips and Tricks

Modify tools

Lesson 3

Working with Move, Cope and Rotate

Working with Mirror and Array

Working with Align and Split

Working with Trim/Extend and Offset

Practice Exercises and Tips and Tricks

Revit modelling

Lesson 4

Modelling walls

Create curtain walls

Add columns

Add windows and doors

Add components

Practice Exercises and Tips and Tricks

Sketch-based elements

Lesson 5

Create and modify floors

Create and modify roofs 

Create and modify ceilings

Practice Exercises and Tips and Tricks

Create a parametric family from scratch

Lesson 6

Create family parameters

Create family geometry

Assign Material Parameters

Load family into the project

Practice Exercises and Tips and Tricks

Stair and Ramps

Lesson 7

Create stairs

Modify stairs

Add railings

Create ramps

Create Shafts

Practice Exercises and Tips and Tricks

Views and Visibility control

Lesson 8

Create elevations

Create Sections

Create 3D Views

VIsibility control

Duplicate views

Create displaced views

Use the Section box

Practice Exercises and Tips and Tricks

Room and Solar studies

Lesson 9

Create Solar studies

Create Rooms

Assign Color Schemes

Practice Exercises and Tips and Tricks

Annotation elements

Lesson 10

Add and modify dimensions

Add and modify text

Add tags

Add symbols

Add detail components

Practice Exercises and Tips and Tricks

Sheets and printing

Lesson 11

Create Sheets

Create Revisions

Printing Sheets

Printing Views

Practice Exercises and Tips and Tricks

Materials and construction details

Lesson 12

Materials and compound wall structure

Create detail views

Insert CAD details

Create Legends

Practice Exercises and Tips and Tricks


Lesson 13

Create and modify topography

Create a toposurface from import

Working with Property lines

Working with the true north

Practice Exercises and Tips and Tricks

Rendering and walkthrough

Lesson 14

Create a rendering view

Working with materials

Add lights

Rendering settings

Rendering in Autodesk cloud

Create and modify a Walkthrough

Practice Exercises and Tips and Tricks

Areas and Calculations

Lesson 15

Create gross building area plans

Create rentable area plans

Customise areas

Practice Exercises and Tips and Tricks

Massing tools

Lesson 16

Introduction to Massing concepts

Create Massing geometry

Modify Massing geometry

Create building elements from Massing

Create families


The Revit Architecture Essentials course is designed for new users of Autodesk Revit. No previous CAD experience is necessary. However, architectural design, drafting or engineering experience is highly recommended. 


BIM Design Hub is an Autodesk Authorised Training Center (ATC), and our Revit courses are accredited by Autodesk. All participants successfully completing any of our Autodesk Revit courses will receive an industry recognised Certificate of Completion from Autodesk.

The Revit Architecture Essential course is structured according to a well-organized program, with short methodical presentations and instructions, starting from the basic tools to the most advanced topics related to BIM modelling and documentation.
Eleni Vouklari, Architect Msc


BIM training by BIM Design Hub introduces you to the concepts and principles of Building Information Modeling, BIM, in line with ISO 19650 and provides sufficient skills and knowledge of the BIM process, standards and guidelines that support the digitalization of the construction industry.

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