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Looking for a place to work with technology and the latest advancements in the construction industry? We are eager to work with AEC professionals with experience in BIM, project management, and design technology workflows who are comfortable in sharing their experience with others in a digital learning environment. 

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If you are a professional with experience in BIM implementation, project management, or BIM technology, interested in becoming an instructor at BIM Design Hub, we will be glad to hear from you


The first step is to send us some information about your course proposal and relative experience. When we receive your information, we will access your proposal. Please be as specific as possible, we are really interested in the details of your proposed content and in knowing you as a professional. 


After you submit your proposal, the BIM Design Hub team will access your course proposal details to ensure it meets our content categories and quality standards.


You develop the content of your course based on our guidance and guidelines for the production of online content hosted in BIM Design Hub.


Your submitted course material will be edited and supported by the BIM Design Hub Team in order to finalize the content for publishing. 


Your course is published in BIM Design Hub! All you have to do is support your students in the dedicated forum for your course!


Who can publish in BIM Design Hub?


Any professional in the construction industry with experience in digital construction, Building Information Modelling,  project management, and digital technology solutions.

What kind of courses can I propose?

The proposed courses should be relative to the construction sector. BIM Design Hub has developed 2 specific categories for courses development:

Category 1: BIM technology

In this category, courses are oriented to the use of BIM software, such as Autodesk Inventor, Civil 3D, BIM 360, Fusion, Infraworks, Rhino, Grasshopper and others.

Category 2: BIM & digital construction

In this category, courses are dedicated to the implementation of BIM as a process. Topics could be relevant to BIM strategy / BIM for infrastructure / Project management  / Risk management / Facilities Management / Digital twins / Smart buildings, etc.


What are the minimum requirements for a course?

BIM Design Hub course's content includes video training material and is delivered in English. Instructors should be English-speaking professionals, with the ability to teach in English, however, proficiency in English is not required. 

What I have to do after I submit my course?

After your submission, we will review your course and get back to you within 15 business days. If your course meets our content categories we will contact you to organize next steps.


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