The instructor is an expert on the software and is able to make It simple and easy to learn, while presenting all project management tools in a structured Revit workflow, including Revit collaboration advanced tools. I would highly recommend and in fact I came back to attend a custom Revit course for specific topics!

Christina, Lighting Designer, Engineer

The course was excellent organized, with detailed course notes and a complete model for practice. The instructor was contagious and had a professional approach and at the same time the lesson was conducted in a friendly environment.

Dionysis, Civil engineer

The Revit Essentials course was above my expectations. My instructor made it simple for me as a beginner to go through a great amount of commands as simple as possible. It was a complete course and I would definitely recommend it to any engineer or designer in the construction sector; after all, BIM is the future! 

Xenia, Architect

I attented the Revit Essentials seminar. The instructor teaches with contagious enthusiasm. She helped me undrestrand the basic principles of BIM and gradually become a good Revit user.

Katerina, Engineer student

The course was developed as described and the topics covered provide a strong basis to start working with BIM in Revit. The lessons include the modeling tools and the Revit project management workflow, the most important part of the BIM process.

Dimitris, Interior Designer

Revit is a great BIM software for engineers and provides tools from the initial until the final stages of a project. The course material covers all lessons with detail, and the instructor was very contagious.

Georgia, Architect

The BIM – Revit online lessons are structured according to a well-organized program, with short methodical presentations and live instructions, starting from the basic tools to most advanced topics related to BIM modeling and coordination. I highly recommend BIM Design Hub, as a BIM tutor.

Eleni, Architect Msc

I wanted to acquire the necessary knowledge about Revit and the philosophy of BIM and I collaborated with ΒΙΜ Design Hub. My instructor had excellent scientific training, patience and professionalism and I believe that BDH is considered the best choice for Revit training.

Stella, Architect MBA

Do you know how many "weird" queries an urban planner interested in combining B.I.M. with the G.I.S. platforms might have? I had the honor to be introduced to Revit - BIM through the teaching of BIM Design Hub. 

Eugenios, Architect, Urban Planner

The Revit Architecture Essentials is an ideal online seminar for small groups, which includes condensed knowledge and adds value to the CV of every engineer or architect.

Folas Michalis, Project Manager,

DEPA International

The BIM management course was structured in bite-size Modules, with exercises and detailed instructions for practice. The e-book covered all lessons and helped me work after the lesson and practice in my own time. The instructor is an expert on the software.

Maria, Architect

The Revit BIM Management course is a great course that includes all the BIM management tools with attention to workflows. It presents how to strategically model and how to use advanced tools to extract information and organize the project. I high recommend BIM Design Hub as a training center.

George, Civil engineer

The course was conducted in a very friendly environment, with exercises and clear instructions for each topic. I liked the exercises, and the lesson notes helped me practice each command in my own time.

Alkis, Civil engineer, 

Project Controls

I liked the Revit Architecture Essential seminar's pace, which was relatively fast so that it is not boring and at the right rate, so the student can follow it. It is a comprehensive course and provides just the right content to get started with Revit.

Panagiotis, Designer, Business Administration CIS

I liked best the hands-on part of the course. I worked using screen sharing so both the instructor and myself could see my potential and understanding of the lesson. Overall, the instructor was contagious and professional, and the course was conducted in a friendly atmosphere. 

George, Graduate in Spatial Planning, Aristotle University

I had a very good collaboration with my instructor and have been able to understand the basic principles of BIM through Revit in a very short period of time.

Grigoris, Senior Site Manager 

After attending the Revit Essentials Seminar, I was able to understand BIM and start using the integrated BIM software  Revit.

Euaggelia, OM3 Architects

I attended the Revit Essentials seminar. The instructor teaches with contagious enthusiasm. She helped me understand the basic principles of BIM and gradually become a good Revit user.

Katerina, Engineer student