BIM Design Hub supports your BIM project with BIM related topics, BIM modeling, creation of BIM content, BIM object hosting and custom training solutions. We support your team to set up a project management strategy, work with office standards, use technology, develop BIM content and extend the knowledge to other team members. BIM implementation is not just about working with a software, but also about knowing how to apply the tools to the building design and management process in the most effective way.

BIM Object creation

Digital product information is known as a BIM object and involves the creation of a building product in a 3D format with associated technical data, converted into digital formats compatible with design software. Our team supports product manufacturers to transform their products into digital BIM objects with detailed specifications and reference material.

The process of BIM object integration into the design process has major benefits for manufacturers. Since the digital data of their products become part of the digital model, they can be incorporated from the early design phase and be made available to customers. The information included into the digital products ensure effective collaboration after the completion of the construction, during building maintenance.

BIM benefits for manufacturers are:

  • Creating a digital data brochure

  • Product data are available to customers

  • Data of the products become interoperable

  • Gaining market intelligence from the data

  • Maximum exposure and reaching new clients

BIM Object hosting

BIM Design Hub has partnered with BIMobject® to support BIM object services that ensure quality and a smooth transition to BIM. BIMobject® is the largest BIM content hosting platform in the world,  open 24/7 where manufacturers connect to users from all around the world to get their products specified into future buildings.

  • 1.700.000 registered BIM professionals, georeferenced all over the world


  • +340.000.000 visits

BIMobject® worldwide publishing includes:


  • Product sheet with information overview

  • Specification items

  • 27 languages supported

  • Geo-localization of the research

  • IFC certifications and classifications

  • Local users and professional direct contact

  • In cloud online preview

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BIM Project support

We can work with BIM related topics and generate BIM content for the architectural, structural and mechanical model. Our experience in construction projects ensures quality and attention to detail and our advanced technology skills can help your team deliver structured and coordinated BIM projects.

We can work with your BM project with the following ways:

  • 3D Modeling for the architectural, structural and mechanical model

  • Coordination and clash detection

  • Work with point cloud data

  • From CAD to BIM files

  • Start with a pilot project


BIM delivers increased productivity and efficiency by transforming AEC sector collaboration at all project stages and enables a coordinated construction process. BIM construction benefits include:


Up to date data help teams control time and cost.


BIM workflow reduces errors and conflicts.


BIM allows teams to collaborate efficiently and share data. 


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