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What is ISO 19650 BIM training?


BIM training by BIM Design Hub introduces you to the concepts and principles of Building Information Modeling, BIM, in line with ISO 19650 and provides sufficient skills and knowledge of the BIM process, standards, and guidelines that support the digitalization of the construction industry.  Read more about information management and ISO 19650.

How is the BIM training delivered?

BIM training is delivered through E-learning. E-learning is self-paced and includes online videos, quizzes, further study materials, downloads, a portfolio activity, and an exam, offering a highly engaging learning experience.

What is the duration of the training?

BIM ISO 19650 training includes 2 courses, the BIM Foundations, and the BIM Information Management course, with a total duration of 40 hours.

Is the ISO 19650 BIM training certified?

BIM Design Hub is a member of the CPD Certification Service, an independent CPD accreditation center in the United Kingdom. Our BIM courses are independently accessed and accredited against the international Continuing Professional policies and guidelines. Successful completion of BIM courses results in the award of a CPD certificate with international recognition.

Does the ISO 19650 BIM training include Autodesk technology training?

No, the ISO 19650 training is focused on BIM as a process and explains the key industry standards that support the implementation of BIM technology. The BIM process is supported by the international standard ISO 19650 and a series of guidelines and standards that provide the means to enable digital construction to maximize efficiency and deliver better projects. Read more about BIM and ISO 19650.

What are the benefits of BIM training, in line with ISO?

  • Demonstrate competency and skills in using BIM​

  • Develop BIM workflows and improve productivity ​


  • Improve ability to implement and realize project goals

  • Work with BIM industry standards

How long do I have access to the courses?

After the course enrollment, the student has a total of 12 months of access to complete the training for the BIM ISO 19650 Courses and 6 months for the short Courses.

Do I have to pass an exam to complete the course?

There is an Assessment test at the end of each course that requires a 70% passing grade. You have the opportunity to take the test 2 times!

Are the UK and ISO 19650 standards by BSI available as handover material during my training?

No, they are not. The British Standards related to BIM should be purchased from BSI at the distributor sales department; As part of your training, you are entitled to a 30% discount on any BIM-related standard published by the BSI.

What are the UK BIM Standards offered by the British Standards Institution, BSI?

The UK BIM standards, such as the BS 1192: 2007 + A2: 2016, PAS 1192-2: 2013, PAS 1192-3: 2014 and PAS 1192-5: 2015 have been used as the basis for the development of ISO 19650 series, the international standard for BIM.

Do the UK standards apply only to the UK construction industry?

Yes and no. The UK standards published by the British Standards Institution are primarily designed for the BIM implementation in the UK construction industry; however, they are formally or informally used in some of the major construction markets in the world as the best practice to implement BIM.

Where can I buy the ISO 19650 standards?

The ISO 19650 standards are available with a 30% discount from the BSI Distributor sales as part of your training: After you enrol in the course, you will be provided with a discount code to use in the BSI shop. Main Contact; Joseph Whoriskey. Payment can be made by credit card or BACS.

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