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nicoleta panagiotidou

Nicoleta is the founder and director of BIM Design Hub. She actively supports information management skills development in the construction industry developing and delivering ISO 19650 BIM courses and consulting services. Nicoleta is also the creator of the blog Breakwithanarchitect, a blog dedicated to information management and BIM.


Nicoleta's background as an architect includes more than 15 years of experience on a wide range of construction projects and in addition to project management experience, she has developed expertise in the implementation of the ISO 19650 BIM standards, and the integration of BIM technology into design workflows (as an Autodesk certified instructor). She specializes in Sustainable Design, with an MSc from the University of Edinburgh and she is currently researching a PhD in information management, at UCL, London.

She participated both as a keynote and a guest speaker in BIM conferences and promotes BIM initiatives that add value to the industry and implement innovative based - business transformations.

Alex is a Chartered Civil Engineer (UK Engineering Council) with a Master's degree in Water Resources Management. With more than 15 years of experience, Alex has had the privilege to work on a range of water sector projects in different parts of the world, including the UK, the Middle East, and South East Europe.


Currently, Alex is leading the Asset Information Management (AIM) function of the Strategic Pipeline Alliance, the largest clean water infrastructure project in the UK at this point in time. His focus is on ensuring high-quality information is delivered to the asset owner-operator, Anglian Water, through the use of cutting-edge digital technology and applications compliant with the principles of ISO19650.

Additionally, as the chair of the BIM4Water standard libraries group, Alex coordinates a team of 18 water industry professionals from across the UK, developing and maintaining asset information requirements and standards for data and information exchange within the water sector.

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alex galatoulas

Alexandros Galatoulas holds an MEng degree in Civil Engineering from the City University and an MSc degree in Construction Economics and Management. He is also a Certified Passive House Designer -CPHD and a Living Future Accredited-LFA professional. His project experience spans in all RIBA stages (0 to 7), with emphasis to stages 0 to 5 and includes refurbishment, infrastructure and building projects.


He is currently the Managing Director of XYZ Management Consulting, a venture with the vision to test and redefine the "business as-usual" norm. His work is focused on the built environment regeneration and zero-carbon design solutions with an emphasis on asset management and COBie implementation, in line with ISO19650.

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